I. Social Media Strategy For Job/Career

SEO: GYMR Public Relations

Summary Blurb: GYMR specializes in health, health care and social issue related public relations. Based in Washington, DC, GYMR prides itself on its traditional and social media and collaboration skills in order to produce the best results for clients.


GYMR’s recipe for results

Client satisfaction through quality messages


Keeping clients satisfied is no easy feat, but GYMR accomplishes this by combining teamwork collaboration, innovation and an eye on their media. Finding the right print and social media outlets GYMR the quality results that keep client retention high. GYMR’s twitter is a testament to their dedication to social media strategy. https://twitter.com/GYMRPR


Social Media opportunities


Today, it is impossible to have an effective public relations without a social media presence. Powerful public relations companies like GYMR can utilize the available social media tools including:






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Health is wealth


            GYMR’s dedication to health-related industries including Every Child Matters is enhanced through social media. GYMR understands the intersection between public relations and public policy. By combing knowledge of these two fields, GYMR has helped push their clients issue forward by demonstrating the value of advanced medical technology to Capitol Hill. Furthermore, they make their solutions accessible to web-users. For more on GYMR’s efforts: http://gymr.com/case-studies/every-child-matters/



No if and or cigarette butts about it


            GYMR’s clients aim to make the world a healthier place. For over a decade, GYMR and Tobacco-Free Kids have advocated for youth leadership and activism against tobacco usage, improving the quality of life for the kids they reach. These results can be seen at http://www.tobaccofreekids.org/who_we_are/Image