Public Relation Research and Knowledge

Knowledge is Power

A key quality in a successful public relations strategy is knowledge. The relevant knowledge for any public relations company, including an in-depth understanding of the represented company’s internal structure, the public’s opinion about the company, and maintaining a clear objective for success. This knowledge is best obtained through research.

An even more accessible way to obtain knowledge is through Google Alerts. They are free and allow instant updates with online posting about the company you represent in regard to their public relation needs. They brings the research to you, so you can spend less time searching and extracting information, and more time protecting and enhancing your company’s reputation.

Research in action

The company I have chosen to write about for my newsletter is Route One Apparel. Founded by a student at the University of Maryland in 2010, Route One’s designs are especially popular with students and Maryland. I set up a Google Alert with the phrase “Route One Apparel” so whenever they are mentioned online, I automatically receive an alert to my email. By letting the research come to me, I can spend more time interpreting the information and deciding how it is useful for my company’s further success.


Photo courtesy of The Towerlight

Today, I received an alert that said Route One Apparel was the front page story for The Towerlight, Towson’s local newspaper. As soon as I found out, I called the owner of Route One Apparel to congratulate her on the successful story. A good public relations worker knows how to maintain contact with clients, and showing a genuine interest in the company is a key component. I then read the article to make sure that there was no “PR Crisis” (all was good!) and that it represented the company well. 

Read the full article here:


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