SEO: GYMR embraces diversity

Summary Blurb: GYMR incorporates diversity into their internal workforce and external image for a thorough diversity image.


The diversity difference


Diversity is the inclusion of different peoples within a shared community. Diverse identifying traits include religious groups, races, ages, genders and ethnicities. Diversity opens up our minds to accepting the perspectives of others to help shape our own opinions. In public relations, it is key to consider the diverse individuals your message reaches. For more about public relations and diversity, visit: http://diversity.prsa.org/


Photo courtesy of:       The Inclusion and Diversity Course Transformation Project



























Geller, GYMR Diversity. Pg 2.


GYMR: Diversity in practice


GYMR incorporates diversity by meeting the public relations needs of different types of groups including both the young and old. Similarly, the inclusion of various types of healthcare PR allows GYMR’s team to see the overall healthcare industry as a whole and therefore serve their clients in a more informed way. Their diverse public relations experience is viewable at: http://gymr.com/our-results/case-studies/


GYMR diversity in action


            The constant incorporation and expansion of diversity in the workplace is a trait GYMR prides itself on. Visible on GYMR’s website, http://gymr.com/our-firm/working-here/ , a diverse staff joins together to produce a united and effective team. GYMR’s diverse team brings a multitude of fresh perspectives for innovative results and the success of these efforts is clear. In 2010, GYMR received the Washington Women In Public Relations’ PR Woman of the Year award. This emphasizes the success of gender diversity in the workplace. More about this award is accessible at: http://wwpr.org/


GYMR language lesson

            In healthcare public relations, maintaining a sensitivity toward those with disabilities is an especially important aspect of the job. http://www.miusa.org/ncde/tools/respect provides an excellent guide to what language is appropriate and offensive.



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